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Updating of Georgia’s technology needs assessment through development of a technology road maps for prioritized technologies


On December 20, 2022, the Center of Sustainable Development Remissia  with the Ministry of Enviromental protection and agriculture of Georgia organized a workshop

Project team:

  • Sustainable Development Center

  • ISET - Policy Institute

  • Representatives of the governmental and non-governmental organizations 

  • Business enterprises involved in agriculture sector.

The Goal of the meeting: Under the project ‘Updating of Georgia’s technology needs assessment through development of a technology road maps for prioritized technologies’:  consideration of the priority technologies, selected for the agriculture sector  and identification of the existing barriers, gaps and ways of their removal’; identification of the stakeholders’ and partners’ needs; identification of capacities of stakeholders and partnership for the possible concept notes for agriculture-related projects intended for submission to the GCF.  

Mrs. Anna Sikharulidze, Director of the Sustainable Development Center Remissia,  briefly introduced the course of the Project, undertaken steps of prioritization of the sectors and their technologies, and the goal of the meeting

There were interesting and innovating presentations made by the participants of the workshop

  • The presenter Mr.Rati Kochlamazashvili, expert of the Sustainable Development Center Remissia, from the Georgian Association of Farmers made a presentation on the prioritized under the Project technologies for agriculture, providing detailed consideration of them from the point of their level of innovation, effectiveness, specifics, barriers and gaps for their implementation in Georgia, and possible ways of removing and avoiding them.  

  •  The Oxygenia Ltd presented their experience and knowledge about the paulownia-trees and talked about barriers and challenges their business faces

  •   Mr. Guram Gejadze from Micro-Prim Ltd delivered the audience the entity’s unique practical experience of bio humus production, based on cultivation of soil round worm (verme) population and their processing

​   •  Roin Terterashvili, a local farmer, introduced own experience and ideas about bio humus

    • We should underline BioDiesel Georgia as well, with its own innovation project "Oily Culture Prospects for the Development of Raps (Brassica napus) in Georgia"

  •   There was presented the new conception on a meeting as well: concept note of a project for agriculture ‘Support to private sector in sustainable management of landscapes and enhancement of its contribution to the implementation of Paris Agreement by Georgia” intended for submission to the GCF. The Presentation was made by Mrs. Marina Shvangiradze, independent expert, member of GCF’s Independent Technical Advisory Panel (ITAP). Ms. Shvangiradze   highlighted the GCF’s goals, policy and priorities, criteria for projects assessment, financial mechanisms for their implementation, the CGF-funded projects ongoing in Georgia and accredited entities, as well as the intended concept for a project related to agriculture intended to be submitted to the GCF. 

  • Panel discussion around the Concept ideas, stakeholders and partnership opportunities was held when along with the Q&As, active exchange of ideas and considerations around the project concept, its content, possible involvement of Georgian agricultural enterprises and partners took place between the attendees and the presenter and Project Team. It was decided to further elaborate the ideas in the course of preparation of the Concept Note.  

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