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On January 26, 2023, an online meeting and presentation was held on the topic "A fair transition in the context of Georgia: low-emission development and rights".

The meeting was held together with Climate Basics

The meeting was attended by the Center for Sustainable Development "Remissia"

Purpose of the research:

Evaluation of Georgia's long-term low-emission development working document from the point of view of fair transition. The document was prepared within the framework of the UNDP global initiative "Climate Promise" (Climate Promise) and the European Union (EU) EU4Climate projects.

What happened at the meeting:

• Definition of fair transaction as a concept

• How did fair transaction become a global concept

• Its social benefits

An extensive discussion was held on the following topics:

• Involvement and role of low-income development strategy of Georgia, together with other countries

• Consideration of the agricultural sector in this context

• Raising the issue of analyzing the principles of gender equality as one of the components of social impact in research

Future plans and expectations:

• Presenting research results to the public and activating conversations about a fair transaction in Georgia

• Continue work in this direction and schedule other meetings

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