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Energy Generation and Supply Sector

Work Meeting

On 29 June 2023, a working meeting organized by the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture of Georgia and the Sustainable Development Center- Remissia, was held at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel.

During this meeting, selected priority climate technologies within the energy generation and supply sector, alongside barriers to their introduction and distribution, and respective methods of elimination, were each discussed.

Remissia’s expert- Archil Kokhtashvili, spoke about the priority climate technologies that were selected within the project and the prospect of submitting further projects to the Green Climate Fund (GCF), including the combination of wind farms and hydro storage hydroelectric power stations, and solar photovoltaic power plants and energy storage batteries. A strong recommendation was also proffered for further research into such climate technologies in the sector.

Project consultant, Marina Shvangiradze, there after gave a presentation on the Green Climate Fund and its projects in the electricity generation sector.

The final part of the meeting was devoted to identifying stakeholders in the energy generation and supply sector, their mutual cooperation, and recommendations for strengthening partnerships, elements of which were discussed in detail by Remissia’s expert- Medea Inashvili.

The meeting participants ultimately cooperated in group work aimed at reviewing the stakeholders identified in the energy generation and supply sector, assessing the needs of the partnership process among stakeholders, and discerning recommendations for strengthening these partnerships.

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