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Energy Efficient Refurbishment of Public Buildings in Georgia

Work Meeting

On 16 June 2023, a working meeting was held at the Holiday Inn Hotel, organized by the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture and the Sustainable Development Center-Remissia.

The purpose being to discuss Concept Notes prepared for the Green Climate Fund (GCF) within the building sector in Georgia, specifically “Energy Efficient Refurbishment of Public Buildings in Georgia.”

Archil Papava, an expert in the building sector from ESCO-ES, a partner organization of Remission, presented the concept and the technologies to be discussed, such as the thermal insulation of building envelopes, heat pumps, solar collectors, and ventilation systems among other issues. These technologies were each proposed in order to be presented to the Green Climate Fund.

Following the concept presentation, joint group work was conducted where the participants were assigned the task of identifying additional barriers in the building sector and finding ways to overcome each issue. They also considered the various support needs and project activities related to the concept.

At the end of the meeting, Medea Inashvili, an expert from Remissia, delivered a presentation entitled Involvement of the existing stakeholders in the building sector and their mutual cooperation, including recommendations for strengthening partnerships. Following her address, the participants engaged in group work that aimed to assess the needs of the stakeholders identified within the building sector, to discuss the requirements for partnerships between stakeholders, to provide recommendations to strengthen such partnerships, and to consider the gender impact of the issues discussed.

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