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Workshop on climate technology requirements within the transport sector

On 30 March 2022, the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture and the Remission Center for Sustainable Development held a third working meeting on climate technology needs, this time focusing on requirements in the transport sector.

The workshop was opened with a presentation from the Remission project, which reviewed the goals of the venture and the activities planned, and discussed the project’s final results. A presentation on the Green Climate Fund was also delivered during the meeting.

Archil Papava, an expert from the Remission project and Esco-Es Ltd., introduced the participants to the climate technology in the transport sector, and the criteria for their consideration. He also noted the vulnerability of roads and railways, and the need for greater adaptation.

The final part of the event was dedicated to group work, in which all participants were involved in discussing the climate technologies needed in the transport sector, the barriers they face, and ways of eliminating these issues. As a result of the group work, a preliminary list of climate technologies was composed, which will be discussed and evaluated in detail during the next stages of the project.

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